Donate Art Supplies

Here is a current list of art supplies we are accepting as donations. Material donations need to be in good condition.

If you want to donate something that isn’t on this list, we probably can’t take it due to limited storage space. Please contact us if you’re not sure and we’ll let you know if we can take your donation at this time.

Accepted Donations (updated 5/2/2024)

Want to donate something we can't accept?

Thank you so much for considering the well-being of the planet and our communities as you donate your art supplies instead of sending them to the landfill. You are making a difference!

Because we have limited storage space and volunteers to sort through donations, we can't accept just any arts and crafts supplies at any time. But there are places all over Utah that will gladly take your art supply donations and help them find good homes. Places such as Making Space Thrift Store, Little Free Art Shops, and Bad Dog Arts are accepting donations of arts and crafts supplies. You can also bring your donations to one of our quarterly Arts and Crafts Supply Swaps! Click their photos below for more information.

Bad Dog Arts

Making Space Thrift Store

Little Free Art Shops

Arts and Crafts Supply Swap